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Predictive analytics powered by artificial intelligence is top of the list of hot technologies for banks.


Although young, artificial intelligence predictive analytics has been named the top hot technology in a new Forrester Research survey. According to Forrester, AI technology will be a key driver in the banking business over the next few years. While the technology will assist enhance operationa…

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Five Major Financial Services Technology Trends in 2022

This year, various technological advancements will likely influence the financial services industry. These developments include cloud-native systems, wearables driven by the Internet of Things, and hybrid working. In the next years, these five trends will change the financial sector.

In 2022, mob…

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The newest tech in finance

The newest technologies in finance are changing the field in more than one way. AI, Blockchain, and distributed ledger technology are just a few examples. Here are some current trends that are helping businesses grow. We'll look at Blockchain and other technologies like AI and digital experience pla…

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Ten Emerging Financial Technology Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2022

The financial technology industry is expanding rapidly and providing numerous benefits to nations worldwide. Smart speaker systems, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for security are all part of this. In addition, it guarantees transactions that are quick, safe, and decentralized. This s…

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The Impact of New Financial Technologies on the Established Market

To compete, new entrants in the financial services sector have historically been met with high entry barriers in the form of fixed asset requirements. However, newcomers can now use technology to run established businesses digitally. EMBanking is the name given to this innovative style of building. …

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How Blockchain Technology Will Transform the Future of Finance

The Blockchain is a decentralized ledger that boosts security, prevents identity theft, and reduces expenses. There are numerous advantages to implementing blockchain technology in the financial services sector. Let's investigate a few of them:

  1. Blockchain can assist financial institutions in m…

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Top FinTech Predictions and Trends for 2022

Over the past few years, the FinTech business has undergone fast change, and this trend is anticipated to continue. The industry is expected to invest significantly in new technologies and innovation in 2022, providing the ideal environment for fresh startups. Here are seven trends that will have th…

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New Technologies in the Banking Sector to Explore

The financial sector is undergoing a period of change made possible by the advent of new technology. The use of money is simplified, mistakes are minimized, and lines of communication are widened thanks to these innovations. Additionally, they alter how people view financial matters. Take a look at …

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5 FinTech Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2018

Biometric identification is one of the FinTech trends to monitor. Alipay has begun accepting payments by facial recognition, while banks utilize fingerprint authentication to verify identities for all financial operations. Biometrics are also making their way into mobile devices and will be implemen…

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5 Biggest Financial Services Tech Trends In 2022


Increasingly, financial service providers must build a 365-degree experience to attract customers. Digital access is becoming a blurry market zone, with a focus on mobile and other technologies. By leveraging these trends, providers will stand out from the competition and gain multiple revenue…

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